Isn’t it time for poetry to be dead, again?

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. Isn’t it about time for the annual “Poetry is Dead” article? Usually the death knell for poetry arises in the month of April, ostensibly “National Poetry Month.” The meager ratcheting up of poetry coverage brings out the hand-wringers and … Continued

Welcome, Every Atom!

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Dear friends and family, As many of you know, my new poetry collection, Every Atom, releases today, April 2nd! I want, first of all, to thank you for all the support you’ve already given me in writing these poems, over … Continued

Sunday Cleaning

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. It’s Sunday, early afternoon, and I have just finished cleaning the house. More precisely, I have just finished scrubbing the kitchen sink with Bon Ami. I apportion household tasks in the following way: every other week, I clean the … Continued