Wonder Wednesdays – Misplaced Blossom – In Passing

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This blossom. This singular blossom on my Christmas (or really Thanksgiving) Cactus is reminding me that even though it has been cold (very COLD) here, somewhere there are flowers. Lots of flowers. And in other places, the flowers are gone. … Continued

The Next Big Thing

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The amazing Wendy Willis, author of the incredible poetry collection, Blood Sisters of the Republic, tapped me on the shoulder the other day and asked if I would be interested in taking part in The Next Big Thing, an interview … Continued

A good poem brushes against…

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A good poem brushes against us and leaves its scent on our skin. We read it and feel the tug in our blood. And each time we return to this poem, the day flavors it differently. What we are thinking … Continued