This isn’t the end….

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. Morning Star This isn’t the end. It simply cannot be the end. It is a road. You go ahead coatless, light- soaked, more rutilant than the road. The soles of your shoes sparkle. You walk softly as you move … Continued

A poem for this longest night…

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. The sun sets early tonight on a palette of blues and grays. Winter solstice, blowing on the spark. Here’s a poem from the truly amazing poet, Kevin Goodan, from his book Winter Tenor. I highly recommend all of his … Continued

One spark now missing…

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. If I could only take ten poetry books with me into exile, three of them would be written by Brigit Pegeen Kelly. I’ve read most of her poems dozens of times. I’ve read “Song” more than that. I don’t remember the … Continued