20 Poetry Books to Read When You Feel the World Is Falling Apart

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. What can I say? I am certainly not the only person who feels the weight of sadness, injustice, bigotry, and helplessness. Blogger Modern Mrs. Darcy created a list of fiction and nonfiction books to read when you feel the world … Continued

And God Opened A Window

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. Even though I knew that Eva was departing, her death still hit me like a silent avalanche. Ever since she had returned from Seattle, by boat when denied clearance to fly, I had been attuned to her presence down … Continued

Beautiful things fill every vacancy

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. Hard old world among artists this week. We lost David Bowie and C.D. Wright. I didn’t know either of them personally. Unlike a dozen people I know, I can’t tell you my personal C.D. Wright story. I can only … Continued