Be All In – Or The Story of 2015

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Oh Todd Henry, this prompt for Quest2015 really froze me in my tracks. My whole body understood that this one isn’t hypothetical, this question is for real. If you knew that your life’s story will be written based upon your choices … Continued

The Question of Sacred Priorities

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Another turn of the map in Quest2015, in which I go off road a bit. Sunni Brown asks: How could you make moments of joy a sacred priority in 2015? What forms will such moments take? Doodle, draw, photograph, or … Continued

Because (I’ve thought) I could not stop for Death

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“Pursue knowledge, daily gain. Pursue Tao (wisdom), daily loss.” – Tao Te Ching  We often think too much about adding new things, when the source of a lot of our growth is eliminating old things. What do you need to STOP … Continued