Headfirst into the picture window – Risk in Writing

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Just as we finished eating lunch today, a varied thrush flew with great velocity into one of the large windows at the front of our house. We ran to the porch, and I watched as my husband hovered over the … Continued

Pocket Epiphany – a life in poetry

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Oh dear, has it really been a week since I posted last? At least I was busy with poetry related tasks. I was preparing for a reading. Well, if by preparing you mean talking on the radio (what fun!) and … Continued

The Art of Imperfection in Poetry (and in life)

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I’ve offered the following advice to a few of my writing students: don’t try so hard to be perfect. These students wrote very nice, tidy, wrapped up, often impeccably rhymed and scanned poems. They would present these poems with a … Continued