Casting Deep Shade

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I gave myself permission to devote myself for the weekend to one book. To be within it while the snow fell and then another front pushed in rain. To keep turning pages, stopping only to feed spruce logs to the … Continued

Of Lists and Longing

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2018 didn’t quite go the way I thought it would. I could say that it was better and worse. I could enumerate all the broken pieces and all the shining moments. Every life has such. Mine is nothing special. After … Continued

And the winners are….

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Alas, National Poetry Month is over. Today I chose three numbers with the Random Number Generator for the Big Poetry Giveaway. Here are the results: 1.  Linda Hofke (#12) for Pause, Traveler 2. Lissa Clouser (#27) for Steam Laundry 3. Allyson … Continued