Clearing-the-decks, or let loose the inner-Virgo

I spent a few hours this afternoon indulging my inner Virgo – the one that wants everything to be neat and tidy. I’d like to call it spring cleaning but today it’s overcast and chilly outside, not very springy at all. Instead, I’ll call it clearing-the-decks. I picked up, straightened, put away, and organized my home office.

I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather (sunshine! grass greening up! seedlings on the windowsill!) or if I’ve just been fallow long enough, but I feel lately that I’m gestating something new. I’m ready to address two poetry projects that have been partially finished for a few months. Ready also to continue with a little nonfiction project I’ve been pondering. Even ready to try my hand again at writing fiction (story steeping so strongly in my head that last night I dreamt of it).

Ready, set…

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  1. Sap is rising–this sounds exciting! Glad to read from you–I’d been thinking of you and concerned not having heard from you. Hope all’s well.

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