Confession Tuesday – Dear Autumn version

Dear Autumn,

It rained all day today (well, not right now, but the clouds are still pretty thick out there). I confess that the rain made me happy because it reminded me that you are on your way. The rain made the bookstore busy with bookish curious folks looking for words to wile away the grey day. It made the green things outside ever so much more green. It made my garden grow (I swear the broccoli doubled in size). It made me feel as if a night reading would be a night well spent.

Autumn, I confess you are my favorite season. I love you because you give me the undeniable right to read and write and curl up near toasty woodstoves. No snow to shovel, no lawn to mow, no soil to till. I’m looking forward to learning about you in this new house and this new place. Summer has been a bright buzz of sunlight and flowering things, but I see your clouds piling up behind the mountain range across the bay.

I wrote a poem yesterday that made me so happy and today I can’t remember what it was about other than it ended with the line “open your fortress built of hunger and honey.” Autumn, I confess that I’m excited about the time you’ll give me to revise that poem. Oh, and Summer, don’t feel like you have to leave right away; I love you, too, I’m just a little bit tired of all your extroverted extravagance being the introverted poetry nerd type that I am.


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  1. Love this entry, it put me in a moment. Fall, cool, the smell in the air, folige, and the melancholy that lingers with it. And even the smell of an old book. Nice!

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