Confession Tuesday – The WRITE MORE edition

Hidden Lake - 45 minutes into last night's walk

Maybe I should just start calling this post Confession Wednesday. I confess that yesterday, after work and dinner, I just wanted to take a long walk. The sun was shining (as opposed to right this moment when there is snow coming down – ACK) and I needed to move my body after spending a day at the desk. And so I did.

I confess that lately I’ve been writing down an intention for the week each Sunday night. My intentions have been phrased in positive and affirming ways, such as I prioritize my writing. This week I wrote my intention in two words: WRITE MORE. It’s helped actually. I have written more this week. And each time I consider what I should do next, I think WRITE MORE. Why, yes, I should write more, don’t you think?

Last night, about an hour and a half into my two hour walk, I stopped and listened to the wind moving through the trees. I was quite far out into the world, no one near. No sounds of human habitation in any form. Just the susurration of the wind moving through the black pine and then through the still-bare alder branches around me. The dry grass whispered and far below it all I could hear the ocean against the rocky shoreline. And birds. Thrush, sandhill crane, gray jay, even three gamboling crows along the tree-tops.

I confess that I wanted to rest in that place for a long time – wind, birds, blue sky above. Then I came home and wrote. Yep, WRITE MORE seems to be working.

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  1. Great insight to pay attention to the way your intentions are phrased. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about it before … but, for example, “I will write more” is off in the future; “write more” is right now. I’m going to try phrasing my intentions in the present tense; a subtle but powerful shift, I bet.

    Also loved your beautiful description of your surroundings while you were on your walk – wow.

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