How to make a grown poet cry…

I read enough these days that poetry is dying, an anachronism in the increasingly rapid digital world, destined for extinction, irrelevant to today’s world…

And then I read about 100,000 poems from 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries being dropped on London. A sky full of poems. The Chilean arts collective Casagrande has orchestrated poetry drops (poems on bookmarks) five times previously. In their experience, there has never been a need for a massive cleanup afterwards because people have picked up every poem. Cristobal Bianchi, a member of Casagrande, said, “Every time we have done this before there is not a single bookmark on the ground – people collect them all,” he said. “People fight for the poems, and it becomes a collective reading of poetry.”

And then I watch the videos here  of smiling people reaching up  to pluck poems from the air. Children gathering them by the handfuls. People reading and sharing what they’ve found. Laughing. Poems fluttering down through twilight into waiting arms.

I tell you. It’s enough to make a grown poet cry….

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  1. Catching Poems

    Poems fluttering over war
    memorials. Like snow
    twirling down an evening sky.
    Never reaching the ground,
    never melting, but instead
    into the waiting
    hands of the empty
    and full alike.

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