Nothing is fixed forever.

Keep curious. What comes forth?

Keep curious. What comes forth?

What is ahead? Only the end is known. The very very end.

What is ahead? Sadness, but also light.

What is ahead? The shuffle of the deck. The shuffle.

What is ahead? Who can know what we will find.

What is ahead? The green green green green.

What is ahead? Snow and freezing as well.

What comes forth? Time moves and we all move with it.

The moon only appears to move; it is us that is moving.

The moon through the branches and its slow shuttering.

What comes forth? The body in all its messy glory. In the choice to exult instead of denigrate.

What is ahead? What is ahead? What is ahead? Why even ask when you can’t change it.

There is no changing. There is none, but your own. You have permission to change yourself.

And then really, it’s about staying open.

Stay curious. What will come forth?

Do not judge. What can you learn? What can you learn? What is in the process of learning?

To be curious and to say, what can I learn from this.

Be transformed and enlarged. A worthy occupation.

What can I tell you that you need to know?

That you are human and will get hurt. That there will be times of joy. That soup is a good thing when its cold outside. That you are not alone in your darkness in your soul-searing sadness and loneliness. That we seek out we seek out we seek out we seek out each other in the darkness. We can only hear the other scrambling about. We hear the soft thud of footsteps but we don’t know whose.

What can I tell you that you need to know?

The sun will rise. It will tip over the edge of the mountains and come up with a ferocity that always catches you by surprise. Again and again. The snow will eventually melt. The will be green grass again and time to spend in the garden. You will have to claim everything you love over and over again. You will have to be open to stories. You will get hurt and heal and then get hurt again.

Nothing is fixed forever. We have to keep on fixing. We have to keep on picking up our tools and putting them to use. What we thought was whole is broken, and the pieces of what we thought were broken, are in themselves whole.

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