Strictly Speaking…. Thursday’s treasure

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Just in case you needed someone to see you. David Rivard sees you. Here is a treasure for your day.


Strictly Speaking

There is the question
of bearing witness, of being yourself seen
by yourself, & seen clearly, cleanly,
without weapon or bible in hand;
as this was the wish,
the sturdy & not-so-secret wish
of those who named us—
our parents wanted us to be
known to ourselves without confusion:
without judgment,
sans suffering. Never force it,
they said, always find it.
OK, strictly speaking, that’s not entirely true.
My particular, sole, insistent, moody mother & father
probably never thought much about it at all.
Those two anxious citizens,
they were never exemplars of patience.
The weightlessness of detachment & acceptance
as I think of it now
would have frightened them—
for good reason.
If you could see these words
I’m speaking to you tonight printed on a page
as typeface & magnified x 500
you would feel just how ragged & coarse
they really are, heavy.
Well, playing the part of a butterfly
must be tiring, right?
I’m happier being the old ox, right?
On some plane of existence
these two scraps are all my news:
where the mess is
that’s where my heart is.
~ David Rivard



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  1. Karen A. Tschannen

    So easy to see ourselves–or at least myself–in these words! So exacting…on some plane of my messy existence (and that of my parents so very many years ago). Yes, a treasure for the day. And on. Thank you for this.

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