How to make a grown poet cry…

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I read enough these days that poetry is dying, an anachronism in the increasingly rapid digital world, destined for extinction, irrelevant to today’s world… And then I read about 100,000 poems from 300 contemporary poets from 204 countries being dropped … Continued

The Fellowship of Writers

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Most writers that I know tend to be a solitary sort. We’re usually the folks haunting the back of the stacks at the library, hunkered down on a rock in a field someplace, or drifting out onto the unoccupied side … Continued

Confession Tuesday – spring fever edition

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I confess that as the days grow longer (seventeen hours and 39 minutes today) and warmer, I am captured by green. I  spend hours tromping around outside looking at all the new growth, turning over garden beds, transplanting strawberries, putting … Continued