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The Conference Bonfire - photo and fire by the amazing Sherry Simpson

Most writers that I know tend to be a solitary sort. We’re usually the folks haunting the back of the stacks at the library, hunkered down on a rock in a field someplace, or drifting out onto the unoccupied side porch at the crowded party. When you get us all together, you have the possibility of a symphony of endearing quirkitude.

This past weekend, and spilling out into Monday and Tuesday, I had the good fortune to take part in the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference here in Homer, Alaska. The keynote speaker this year was Barry Lopez. One of his over-arching messages was that each writer has a responsibility to the world. He exhorted the audience to be of use and to consider how our work might help those around us (which he did not limit to humans but invoked the other residents of the earth as well as the land itself).

For the rest of the conference, I watched as this sentiment infused discussion of the craft of writing, the “business” of writing, and the basic interactions between participants. One of the hallmarks of the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference is its collegiality – professional writers attend each other’s seminar sessions, writers of all levels attend the open mic readings, community members attend the open faculty readings, people carry books for each other, save each other seats, mix it up and eat lunch with folks they’ve never met before.

The conference steamed on – three nights of faculty readings, two open mics, a bonfire with amazing music, several fabulous panel discussions, thirty-two seminar sessions, meetings with agents and editors, a boat tour of Kachemak Bay, and lots of writing. That’s another hallmark of this conference: folks actually write at it, and you can go home with the seeds of some fabulous new work.

Alaska State Writer Laureate Peggy Shumaker closed the conference with her amazing paean to the writers, magazines, and support organizations for writers in Alaska. Peggy epitomizes Barry Lopez’s appeal for writers “to try to help.” Honestly, I can not think of one other person I know who has helped so many writers and is so unfailingly supportive and kind. The writer (and faculty member) Valerie Miner noted that Peggy’s warmth embraces the whole conference. I hope that everyone who attended felt as cherished and supported as I did.

By the way, next year’s conference is June 14th-18th and the keynote speaker will be Naomi Shihab Nye. So mark your calendar and make plans to join us!

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  1. The Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference sounds like a beautiful dream.
    I love Barry Lopez’s books and his words from the conference as you have reported them. And next year, you will have the opportunity to meet the kindest poet I know, Naomi Shihab Nye. It makes me want to fly across a continent to be there. Keep writing!

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