Trusting Grateful Inspired Friday – Saturday Snow version

Trusting – There is something profoundly reassuring about the turn of the seasons. Here at the end of the road, autumn has dropped her last yellow leaves and the white sky of winter is fracturing int0 little cold flakes of snow. Perfect timing, last night we stood under a wide starry sky by a bonfire and celebrated, watching the ribbon of the Milky Way unfurl. I trust in these moments when every day concerns fall away and I am aware of myself in the web of life all around me.

Grateful – I am trying to get used to saying, when folks ask what I do, “I’m a poet.” It’s difficult not to elaborate, to provide some sort of disclaimer or waffle a bit. To just put it out there into the universe feels so odd, but I try to remember what my father told me when I would say something self-deprecating, “Fight for your limitations and they are yours.” So now I hope that if I fight for my dreams, they might be mine as well. I am grateful for the welcome that I received last night from the host of the party who was visibly excited that I was a poet and turned to my partner and said, “You are so lucky to be married to a poet.”

Inspired – The Japanese have a tradition of creating cloth from fragments of worn clothing. The technique is called “boro,” and the garment that results is like a story of the owner’s life. As I make my way in the world thinking of myself as a poet, one of the things that I am coming to terms with is a lower income level. However, the beauty of this is that I’ve begun to see where I can make things last with beautiful stitching and patching, creating things by hand rather than purchasing, and looking for used to repurpose rather than new. These “patched” items remind me of poems which are stitched together with words from the world.

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  1. This so beautiful and l love Boro work. I understand how you feel about coming down to a lower income level. My husband has retired on medical grounds really at 60 and we are learning to live on a fixed income….it is hard to come to terms with at the start. But l am enjoying finding ways to do things natural and save money and be less stressxxxAs l said this coat is beautiful and l would love to wear it..?x I feel the same way when please ask me what l do and l know say..l am a full time artist! phew!! took me years to feel l deserved the title Artist. xxYou go write girl! lynda main blogsite now is

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