Trusting Grateful Inspired Friday – The Don’t Say How, Say Yes version

Trusting – I’m listening to myself very carefully this week. Opportunities and job interviews have arisen, and each time I’ve gotten very quiet and listened to what my body was saying. Gut tight? Short of breath? Feel like getting up and walking around? Want to go out on the porch and feel the sun on my face? At midlife, I’ve decided that I will not make decisions based on scarcity, but rather I will trust that there are enough opportunities that will nurture rather than bind me.

Grateful – last night, the moon rose over the mountains out of a misty cloud. Padding downstairs in a t-shirt and bathrobe, I picked up my camera and went out on the deck. It was late, almost midnight, but there was still lots of light; in fact, the setting sun was turning the sky pink while that big yellow moon pulled out of the clouds. Thank you world for such beautiful moments.

Inspired – I just finished working my way through the book Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh. I say working through it because I spent a lot of time writing and generally making messes as I processed the ideas. Reading Patti’s book is like hanging out with your coolest friend who just happens to always have the advice you need for that very minute. So, watch the little clip below which is some advice from Patti that I bet we all need to hear a little more often – don’t say how, say yes. Give up what is sure and listen to your own voice.

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