Trusting Grateful Inspired Friday – the scent of cut grass version

My potted herb garden on the deck

Trusting in the current. Right now, I’m not really paddling towards anyplace special. Today I spent the day talking with folks, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, working on the Alaskan Writers Directory, and reading. The poet Kay Ryan said, “One must truly HOLD A SPACE for oneself. All things conspire to close up this space.” (New Yorker) Right now, I’m holding a space for myself – not rushing into anything, but rather keeping an open mind towards whatever might present itself.

Grateful for the sun. I’ve spent two days digging in the dirt, while the breeze blew my hair around and the sun beat down on me. I’m ever so grateful for the time to work with growing things. My life has been far too interior these past few years, and now I am inundated with sensory information, gauging just the right pressure to exert on a horsetail as I pull it from the ground so as not to snap the root, breathing the familiar scent of cut grass… I feel like Pattiann Rogers; I, too, would like to roll naked in the morning dew.

African Daisy after watering...

Inspired by these African daisies on my porch that open to catch the light, and then in the evening they close up their petals. The Talmud says, “Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.” May we all find that we have plenty of time to pursue the things we love (and finish mowing the lawn).

5 Replies to “Trusting Grateful Inspired Friday – the scent of cut grass version”

  1. That African daisy is stunning. We had a day of sun down here in OR, but now it’s raining again.
    One piece of lore we’ve been told by a couple different longtimers here is that it’s better to _cut_ horsetail than to pull it by the root. If you cut it, it won’t grow any more that year. Those guys can spread over 30 ft per year horizontally (so a patch that we laboriously dug, cleared and then spread with weedmat is only slightly less inundated with horsetails than the rest of the place!

  2. “Who forces time is pushed back by time; who yields to time finds time on his side.”
    What a wonderful philosophy. ♥

  3. Anything with purple will always catch my eye…it’s one of my favorite colors.
    That African Daisy is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing.

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