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As a wonderful prelude to National Poetry Month, I have two poems online in the 25th issue of From their website:, A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, explores the nexus between the built and natural environments through two theme-based issues per year. Online since 1997, we publish editorials, poetry, essays, fiction, articles, reviews, interviews, the ARTerrain gallery, and the UnSprawl case study.

The theme of the issue is Virtually There. I’m not sure how my two poems fit into the theme; I may need to read them again holding that idea up next to them. I enjoy when I find intersections that way – like two slides held up to the light to make a third pattern. (Hey, I bet there are a bunch of folks who don’t even know what slides are in this age of Powerpoint and other presentation software.) The issue features varied articles, artwork, poetry, fiction, and essays, as well as reviews of books. I haven’t read my way through it since it just went live this morning, but I’ve poked around enough to see that there is an interesting mix.

So please take a moment to check out the 25th issue of I’m honored to be in company with C. J. Sage, Sandy Longhorn, Julie L. Moore, and Paul Hostovsky, among others.

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  1. Your voice sounds great! So clear and strong. Very cool. I see that the poems are etheral in a way, and perhaps that is the “virtually there” connection. They are relaying a big picture overview as opposed to a specific concrete narrative. I really enjoyed hearing you read them. Wish I was brave in that way.

    See ya soon! T.

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