Winners of the 2012 Poetry Giveaway

Is April over already? Wow, that month went by so quickly. Is it okay with everyone if I still want to talk about poetry? If I want to get together with friends and read good poetry aloud? How about if I want to whip out a poem in the post office and read it to the person behind me in line?

Hope so.

The winners drawn at random with the random number generator (at – ha, now that’s not random, eh?) are:

Molly Spenser for Nicolle Stellon O’Donnell’s Steam Laundry.

Renee Emerson for Laura Kasischke’s Space in Chains.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It’s quite fun to do this every year. Thanks also to Kelli Russell Agodon for sponsoring the giveaway for another year. Let’s do this again!

I’ll be in touch with Renee and Molly via email to get their addresses. For the rest of you, I’ll be wishing you a poem in my heart.

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  1. Yes, please do keep talking about poetry and yes, can we please read poetry aloud (one of my favorite things ever) and yes, please read a poem at the post office!
    I have both those books, so I can emphatically congratulate the lucky winners on their score!

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