Poetry is sustenance and connection; meat and meet. Poetry has the power to illuminate the human condition. To bond crafted words and considered ideas, and, most importantly perhaps, create relationships between people. 

This is my pain, this is my beauty – I share it with you, and I connect with you through your pain, your beauty. Poetry is wings. It takes us from one place to another. It takes us to places we might not normally go. Poetry helps us feel less alone.

I have been reading poetry almost my whole life. Writing it for more than four decades. Poetry is the way that I make meaning. My published books are offerings of the mind and the heart.

Welcome to a place where you can read good poetry, find new book recommendations, and learn more about how to write your own pain, write own your beauty.


From the notebook…..

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    Well, I certainly didn’t mean to be gone so long. Unfortunately, when things get super busy, my personal writing gets shuffled to the bottom of the stack – so for … Continued
  • Resurrection
    For some people, the story of resurrection begins with a cross. For me, it begins with song. Yesterday morning, walking the dog beneath a grey sky, collar turned up against … Continued
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