Corvus and Crater begins her debut

There is a small flame inside each writer that becomes a little brighter when a reader takes the time to respond to their work. I was lucky enough this week to have my new book Corvus and Crater reviewed in by the talented writer Renata Golden. I am so profoundly grateful for Renata’s close reading and the conversation she opens up about my book. She saw that it is not just a book about grief or landscape, but also about fighting to be a whole person in a culture that tells women they need to be less.

She (Hollowell) allows the women in this collection, who are “curious and insatiable,” to create the life they want rather than the one that is imposed on them by society.

Renata Golden, review of Corvus and Crater on

I hope that you will go to to read the rest of Renata’s review. Her attention to my work has made the flame inside me much brighter. I’m excited now to read what others bring out of these little feral poems that I’m letting into the world.

Corvus and Crater is now on what I am calling the “slow rollout,” meaning that it is available in Ireland from Salmon Poetry. It will be available from the Homer Bookstore as soon as I receive my box of books. It will be available nationwide in May. For those of you who write and publish, I don’t have to tell you how important pre-ordering is. So, if you would like a copy, please pre-order from Bookshop or your local independent bookstore. I’ll let you know when the Homer Bookstore and I have copies. Thank you all for caring about poetry.

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